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With my «Magnetic Man» skills, I have accomplished significant things in my biography: I have become confident in my demonstrations and been able to confirm them in public appearances – meaning performances in front of audiences and in a great many of television programmes. For a long time now, I have been wanting to appear in a TV challenge like the one I performed in my internet video clips. A prize of 1 million dollars has been offered for this. I cannot wait to get a reaction and an offer from the sceptics who are speaking about a hoax; these people have avoided meeting me so far. Is the phenomenon of human magnets a question of mind over matter? Human magnetism – sceptics versus human magnets.

The sceptics show in the media that they can adhere various objects to their torso. They try to duplicate the magnetic effect by bending slightly backwards and attaching objects onto slightly damp skin to imitate the human magnet. In contrast to the sceptics, magnetic people show in the media that with mind power they are capable of lifting objects of different materials off the floor without aid. This can be done with the head or palms of the hands to hold objects vertically, horizontally or in circular movements. Some magnetic people are also capable of lifting objects from the floor with the palm of a gloved hand or even with talcum powder on the skin. You don’t have be a scientist to see the difference in the demonstrations between magnetic people and sceptics. The sceptics’ demonstrations have nothing in common with the phenomenon of magnetic people as they do not break the laws of gravity.

If you search Google you will find many pictures and videos with real people who have an ability to lift objects off the floor. They are able to transport them through the air in a vertical as well as horizontal position simply by applying the objects to their forehead or to the palms of their hands without grasping them. Because there is very little research thus far, regarding the subject, involvement of media and especially Hollywood movie producers would be extremely desirable, in the telling of the story of the "Magnetic Man". The Cinema of the United States ( Hollywood ) has the profound effect on expanding the horizons as well as the conscience of millions of people, and it holds the power to spark an interest in this very little recognized phenomenon.  

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